Top 10 Reasons To Come To Daycare

Lets face it with all the long hours you have to be away from home, Doggy Daycare is not a luxury anymore!

Top 10 Reasons you NEED to come and visit us!


10 Your tired when you come home – wouldn’t you love it if your dog were to?

9. Your dog will not be lonely all by his lonesome crying the blues

8. Learns great socialization skills not only with other dogs but people as well


7. We save you a trip going to the groomers – we can fluff & buff while they are at daycare.

6. If you need to go away overnight or for an extended period your dog already knows and loves us and is happy to sleepover.

5. You won’t come home to a torn up house or garbage over-turned

4. Easy location to get to (even in the crazy summer traffic)

3. We provide 3 separate areas for 3 separate sizes and temperaments of dogs – over 3000 sq. ft to play!

2. We offer In-home services (Dog-walking & Overnights & Cat care) for our homebody’s

and the #1 Reason to come to Talk To The Paws Doggy Daycare….

1, Because we are all crazy pet lovers who will ensure your dogs are not being neglected or abused and they will receive more love than they can handle!

508 – 957 – 2570

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