Does my dog have to attend every day?

Of course we would love to have your company everyday but you can use us on an as needed basis.  Once your dog has passed the screening process you are welcome to attend whenever you like.  We will work with you to accommodate whatever schedule is best for you and your dog.

Do you offer discounts if we use your services more frequently?

We offer different “Dawg” packages as you can look at on our rates page. We also offer a discount on multi family pets.

Is someone with my dogs all throughout the day?

There is a daycare worker with your dog at all times; safety is our main concern.  We normally have a ration of 10-15 dogs per daycare worker so everyone gets the attention they need.

I have a small dog, will he be safe?

Don’t be fooled some of our smaller guys love to play with the big dogs but we have a special area for the little ones to romp with their smaller buddies. Their safety is always our top priority and of course that they are having a great time.

What will my dog do all day?

Whatever they feel like doing that day.  They can run around with their new friends and play, socialize with their new playmates or just lie around and watch Animal Planet which is on in every room, or just catch up with their friends!

Where do my dogs go to the bathroom?

We rotate outside potty breaks for all the groups during the day.  Accidents can happen inside but we do our best to avoid that and staff is right behind them cleaning up.  Some dogs are “markers” and then others will follow suit.

Will you feed my dog lunch during daycare?

We always suggest trying to keep your dog on their normal schedule.  If your dog normally eats lunch then we will ask that you supply his food or treats and inform us of the eating schedule you would like to be followed. There is never an extra cost to feed your pet while in daycare.

My pet has special needs. Will this cost extra?

We can administer medication per your directions and special dietary needs without an extra charge to you.

Do you accept all breeds?

We apologize in advance but unfortunately due to insurance stipulations we are unable to accept pit bulls at this time.


Do you recommend daycare to services to older pets?

Of course your older dogs are encouraged to attend.  It has been proven time and again that the older dogs perk right up with all of the activity.  We have a designated area for the older or handicapped pets which will give them the option to relax and lounge around or play if they feel up to it.

If my dog becomes ill during daycare, will you take them to my Vet?

We will always try to contact your primary veterinarian if your dog needs to be seen.  If an emergency should arise and your veterinarian is not close by our daycare we will use our closest veterinarian. We will be in contact with you during such a time as this.

What is my dog is not suited for daycare do I have any other options for care?

Yes Talk To The Paws offers In-home care for dogs that would rather be at home.  We offer daily dog walks  on an as needed bases as well as Overnight Pet Sitting in your home.  Our staff will come to your home if your dog does not seem right for the daycare environment.

What exactly should I expect at the interview?

We ask that you bring all of your vet records so that we can verify that all shots are current.  We then go over our policies and procedures specific to what you are looking for.

Once paperwork is completed we begin the introductions.  We bring your dog into a room with a couple of other potential playmates to see what the initial reaction is to the new surroundings and slowly add a few more dogs.  If everything looks good you are ready to go.

We ask that on your first day of daycare you would bring your dog in at opening so they may be the greeter instead off the new dog being sniffed.  This makes for a more pleasant and less stressful experience on their first day at daycare.

Can’t find the answer to your question? Give us a call at 508-509-9530 or email Talk To The Paws and we will get all of your questions answered.