BEST Doggy Daycare Cape Cod

We have been hard at work putting a fresh face on the original Doggy Daycare of Cape Cod.

Enjoy the video of our renovations.

So what is Dog Daycare and why the need?

Doggy Daycare’s are simply facilities that care for your dogs when you can’t be with them. Unlike kennels, where dogs are caged and boarded for extended periods, a Doggy Daycare offers a cage-free environment where dogs are given the opportunity to socialize with other dogs in a safe environment.

Similar to a child’s daycare, we adhere to certain regulations and standards to maintain a clean and safe environment. The daycare is closely monitored for safety and the staff well trained in supervising the various temperaments of dogs. With our expert experience, we work with each dog to make sure they are comfortable, safe and happy.

Talk To The Paws Doggy Daycare offers a 3000 sq. ft building that has been designed to separate the dogs into 4 groups. We don’t believe all dogs should be in one room. Once screening is completed then we will decide which room will work best for them. We offer animal planet in each room as well as rubber flooring.

1st group we have a puppy area for the energetic pups that don’t have an “off” button. This gives them an outlet to get all of their energy out by the time you come home. Starting daycare as a puppy is the best way to ensure a well socialized dog. Eventually they will graduate to the next group when we think they are ready.


2nd group we offer a medium dog room for those dogs who are of medium build and easy temperament. They just want to be around other dogs. They have plenty of room to play and run around as well as designated areas to lie down for a nap and watch Animal Planet when they need a break.


3rd group is our big guys who just don’t know how big they are and need to be around dogs that can play like they dog. The rubber flooring in this room is much easier on their legs.


4th group offer an elderly room for our older dogs who just want to rest but still be around the activity.  Although they may lie around all day at home, we have seen these dogs time and again perk up once they are here.


We offer 2 outside areas that we alternate the groups to go out and have many potty breaks throughout the day and playtime. Although accidents will happen we do not promote going to the bathroom indoors. We want to ensure they are following the same routines that they have at home.

During the summer months we have swimming pools in our outdoor areas so they can cool off. You can be sure all areas will be monitored the entire time we are caring for your dogs.

Come on by for a visit at 1336 Phinneys Lane or give us a call at 508-957-2570

Remember we also offer In-home Dog-walking and In-home Overnights for the dogs who would rather stay in the comforts of their own home!

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