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Doggy Daycare – Our Specialty

Dogs need to interact with other dogs on a routine basis to become a well rounded & socialized dog. Attending doggy daycare enables them to meet all types of dogs which desensitizes them to the pack atmosphere. After a time owners find their dogs less reactive to people and other dogs outside of the daycare.  Although socialization is a great benefit, there are many others…

Doggy daycare provides play and exercise for dogs which in turn keeps them alert, energetic and physically fit. An owner who is forced to leave their dog home all day is often greeted with an over-the-top, wiggling ball of energy that needs a good deal more playtime then fits in the schedule. This is the beauty of daycare; when an owner picks up their dog after a day at the daycare both are tired and want to go go home and relax.

Owners who are able to enroll their dog in daycare have feel less stress for themselves and for their dogs. They don’t experience the usual guilty feeling that they’ve neglected their dog during the day.


Instead there is relief knowing that they were entertained during the day and your dog isn’t counting every second till you return. We are open 7 days a week bright and early giving you plenty of time to drop off before work.

Doggy Daycare offers relief from boredom for your dog. A bored dog at home leads to unwanted behavior. The telltale signs are very noticeable; a ransacked garbage can, food raided, paper or couches shredded. A dog also can get very anxious by themselves and are much more calm and content with other dogs and people around and a little Animal Planet on TV!

Doggy Daycare is a great way to let your dog learn to interact with all kinds of people. They will learn that they don’t need to always be in protective mode and can just let themselves be loved!

A good candidate for “Talk To The Paws Doggy Daycare” would be:

We look for dogs that are in good health, spayed or neutered (by age 6 mo.) and a well socialized dog who really seems to enjoy the company of other dogs and people and actually seek that interaction whenever they have the opportunity. We have found that dogs that begin daycare when they are young will adjust easier than the older ones so we suggest getting them started early with the socialization process.

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